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    Yanaika Harrigan

    Ms. Harrigan has an extensive background in the physical healing arts and sciences. She graduated with a master’s degree in Physical Therapy from Universidad Especializada de las Américas (UDELAS) in Panama City, Panama. Yani then spent two years working as a Physical Therapist before moving to the United States. For the last five years Yani has put her physical therapy expertise to work as a Pilates instructor, becoming a well regarded instructor with a large and loyal clientele.
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    Airel Garcia

    Airel is a Los Angeles native and brings over 14 years of experience in Physical Therapy, Sports Therapy, and Pilates. She earned her B.S. in Nutritional Science from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and received her Pilates certification from Long Beach Dance Conditioning in both Apparatus and Mat. Airel is a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and received her accreditation from Cerritos College. She has helped hundreds of clients with thousands of physiological ailments improve the quality of their lives while achieving optimal fitness and wellness. Airel values a healthy lifestyle and participates in activities such as running, biking, hiking, scuba diving, and Pilates. She has completed four marathons and has hiked many-many miles in the Santa Monica Mountains. Airel enjoys time with her son, Henry and cat, Tamale.
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    Sheila Ghovanlou, DPT, PMA®-CPT

    Sheila is a Northern California native who brings years of experience in Orthopedic, Sport, Neurological and Pediatric Physical Therapy. She received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Temple University in addition to receiving her BS in Exercise Science and Psychology from UCSB. Sheila is a PMA Board Certified Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation Practitioner in addition to being a California Board Licensed Physical Therapist & has been in practice since 2011. Her experiences have yielded the highest quality of patient centered care with a loyal base of referrals from local doctors and long time patients.


    Since 2011, her emphasis has been placed in Physical Therapy with combining Pilates Rehabilitation principles into the treatment plans to continue to help patients achieve harmony and regain function through a balance of postural alignment and strength. On her free time, Sheila enjoys being at the beach, hiking, running, Pilates, and spending time with family and friends.

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    Liz Boveda

    As a Cuban-American born and raised in Miami, FL, Liz grew up dancing Salsa and exploring the fitness world at an early age. After a bad car accident left Liz with herniated discs in the cervical & lumbar sections of the spine, she believed she would no longer live the active lifestyle she once loved. Enter Pilates. Its unique, personalized exercises enabled her to regain strength without getting bored or re-injured.  Liz is now certified as an instructor in both Classical and West Coast Pilates styles. She shares her passion for Pilates with clients who are looking to rehabilitate or prevent injuries, or just have a fun and creative workout.
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    Elizabeth Connors

    Elizabeth is a native New Yorker who graduated from N.Y.U. with a B.A. in Liberal Arts. She stayed active in New York by running, hiking and doing yoga. After moving to Los Angeles during her pregnancy, she began experiencing back problems. Through Pilates, she was able to eliminate lower back pain. And since becoming certified, she has worked closely with Physical Therapists in pre and postnatal care. Elizabeth’s passion for what she does is best described in her own words: “I love to work with people on achieving their goals whether short term or long term. Staying strong, correcting imbalances and increasing the quality of life is my focus. Being a positive part of my client’s day is such a rewarding experience.”

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    Heidi Henry

    Heidi is a Los Angeles native who received her bachelors degree in Psychology from UCLA.  She enjoys both fitness and helping others, so she decided to further her education and become certified in personal training.  After gaining experience as a trainer at Equinox, she trained clients independently.  Always seeking to challenge her body in a unique way, Heidi discovered Pilates and went on to become certified. Heidi's goal is to create a positive environment in which her clients can build strength, flexibility, and a strong core.  She enjoys hiking, weight training, yoga and Pilates to keep healthy and smiling as much as possible.
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    Nadia Garcia

    Los Angeles grown, Nadia attended Palisades High School then off to the University of Long Beach where she gained her BA in Business Marketing and Communications. After a few years in the corporate setting, her love for the outdoors and snow sports guided her to Mammoth Lakes… a gem city in the high Sierras. It was in Mammoth Nadia stayed active with snowboarding, hiking, tennis and cross-country skiing. It was also the setting for her first major injury, an ankle fracture. Physical therapy and Pilates aided Nadia back to her feet, and awakened a new approach to health and wellness for her… balance. As a certified Pilates instructor, apparatus and mat, Nadia focuses on building and maintaining strength for general wellness and injury prevention.
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    Tyche O'Meara

    Tyche has worked in the health and fitness industry for thirty years. She began as a private fitness trainer and later became interested in Pilates. In 2002 she attended the top tier Long Beach Dance Conditioning Studio and Movement Academy. Her passion is helping her clients improve overall body function by building a strong inner core, increasing their flexibility, strengthening weak muscles and improving balance. "It is a joy to see this transformation with each person". As an avid lover of art, she has also been a docent at the Los Angles County Museum of Art for twenty-five years.

    We let the results speak for themselves.

    Private Pilates Sessions
     Single Session $85
    5 Sessions $415 ($83/session) 
    10 Sessions $800 ($80/session)
    Semi-Private Sessions (2 students)
    Single Session $45 (per person)
    Reformer Pilates Classes (3 students)
    Single Session $30 (per person)
    Pre- & Postnatal Pilates Sessions
     Single Session $85
    5 Sessions $415 ($83/session) 
    10 Sessions $800 ($80/session)

  • Pilates isn't just movement.



    I first started working with Yani five years ago when I developed a disabling pregnancy condition that caused sacroiliac pain and pelvic joint instability. Yani initially tailored sessions to stabilize my pelvis and strengthen supporting muscles and I have seen amazing results under her care! I have become a fan of Pilates because it is fun, safe for injured or weak joints, and helpful to strengthen all muscles, especially the core. I would recommend Pilates to anyone who wants to tone and sculpt their muscles, maintain great posture, and prevent back and joint pain. The team at The Core Center are highly professional, talented, and devoted to their work. As a steady client for several years, I have seen them work successfully with men and women of all ages who need help with an injury or who just want to get in great shape. Given my severe condition that left me immobile and weak, Pilates gave me my life back and I am forever grateful. -Larissa

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